89 Cavendish Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3RR

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History of The Hart

The Hart was first built as a “Gentleman’s hotel” in 1875, and was formally known as The Hartington Hotel. So named after Spencer Cavendish, the 8th Duke of Devonshire and Marquess of Hartington, whose nickname was “Harty Tarty” due to his somewhat unconventional private life.

The Dukes of Devonshire owned most of the land on which Eastbourne was built, and the plot the The Hart stands on was purchased from the Devonshire estate, on what was then called North Street.

Over the last 150 years the building has undergone many transformations, the last being in 2006 when a major refurbishment resulted in the building we see today.

The Hart appears always to have been the main LGBTQ+ venue in the town and since 2003 the business has been owned and operated by two business partners, Andrew and Gary.

The Hartington Hotel
circa 1935
The Hart
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An authentic pub experience

Today The Hart clientele is very diverse with visitors and regulars from all aspects of the community.

While we still view ourselves as a “community pub”, there is a warm welcome extended to all customers, and we like to think we have preserved that “cosy local pub with a great atmosphere” feeling.

With the ever more expansion of soulless, overpriced, corporate run bars and pubs throughout the country, it’s nice to know there is still a venue in Eastbourne where, to  steal a quote,

“Everyone knows your name”.

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