54 Luxury Canapes


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6 of each:

  • Onion cake, bitter orange chutney, smoked duck breast fillet
  • Tomato financier cake, cream of goat’s cheese, marinated tomato, chives
  • Rye bread, chicken rillettes with mustard, pepper tapenade, white bread
  • Walnut biscuit, Roquefort-walnut cream, cube of Roquefort
  • Soft crab Nordic bread, avocado mousse, lemon zest
  • Blini, horseradish-lemon cream, marinated anchovy, pink peppercorns, dill
  • Caramel biscuit, creamy foie gras, fig jelly
  • Pepper cake, shellfish-flavoured cream, marinated crayfish
  • Blini, lemon cream, smoked salmon, spice mix