Cakes & Pastries

Listed here are our selection of our cakes and pastries buffet items. To add an item click on the price, and it will be added to your cart. After you have completed your selections, submit your cart. Upon receipt, we will confirm your order, and the total amount payable.

14 Slice Double Chocolate Gateau24691012

    • £ 6.25

50 Petits Fours246910111213

    • £ 17.95

Lemon tartlets, Opera squares, Raspberry tartlets, Pistachio squares, Coffee eclairs, Chocolate eclairs, Apple and blackcurrant squares, Apricot tartlets, Chocolate tartlets

14 Slice Strawberry Gateau246910

    • £ 6.25

36 Macarons246910111213

    • £ 12.00

Vanilla, pistacio, coffee, raspberry, lemon & chocolate flavoured macarons

14 Slice Lemon Blossom46912

    • £ 12.85

A crunchy biscuit base filled with a light tangy lemon mousse combination. Topped with vanilla flavour mousse and decorated with white chocolate flavour pieces

48 Mini Strawberry & Cream Scones246

    • £ 28.75

Light scone bases topped with strawberry jam, a rosette of fresh double cream and hand finished witha slice of fresh strawberry

48 Mini Victoria Sponges246

    • £ 28.75

Victoria sponge cakes dusted with icing sugar and filled with raspberry jam and fresh double cream

48 Mini Black Forest Gateaux246

    • £ 28.75

Chocolate sponge cakes filled with fresh double cream, topped with cream, sour cherry jam and sprinkled with dark chocolate

54 French Chocolate Petit Fours24612

    • £ 22.80

7 Crunchy Chocolate Praline Desserts 6 Chocolate and Hazelnut Tartlets 7 Pecan Nut and Cocoa Fondants 7 Crunchy Chocolate Caramel Desserts 6 Caramel with Salt and Chocolate Tartlets 7 Chocolate and Mascarpone Desserts 6 Chocolate Macaroons 6 Mini Chocolate Eclairs 5 Tonka Bean Flavoured Chocoate Mini Eclairs

12 Flaky Cream Slices246

    • £ 9.60

Fluffy and delicious! Light, fluffy sponge base with a layer of fruity, aromatic sour cherry fruit mix and a fantastic vanilla cream filling. Covered with a choux pastry lid and dusted with icing sugar  

120 Mini Danish Pastries246912

    • £ 31.75

Maple pecan plaits Raspberry crowns Custard crowns Apple crowns

12 Peach Melba Slices46

    • £ 9.60

Uniquely delicious! A generous portion of yogurt cream rippled with a raspberry fruit filling on a fluffy, light sponge base. Garnished with a slice of peach covered in a fine glaze. 


*The list above denotes which allergens are contained within each item. Allergens are listed alongside each item.